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Automotive Part Testing

Safety while driving depends on the quality of automotive testing that has been conducted. The customer always expects that the vehicle will respond well to any situation and will protect their loved ones from any mishappening. So it becomes the responsibility of the manufacturer to ensure that their product can sustain any condition.

These conditions can be weather, high speed, bumpy roads or an accident. Prior to the launch in the market for sale, every vehicle goes through various testing procedures to ensure safety of driver and copassengers by maintaining zero manufacturing defects or design miscalculations.

Automotive Headlamps and Luminaire Testing
It is quite essential to ensure that all the lightings in an automobile are operating efficiently. This is because, they enable the driver to watch the road during dark and guides pedestrians and fellow drivers about their directions. We provide efficient testing of head lamps, tail lamps, indicators, reflectors, centre high mount stop lights, warning lights and interior lights.

Gloss Value Test
Vehicles are exposed to physical damages such as scratches, abrasions and chipping paint. Using gloss-less paint may cause damage to the lustre and gloss of the vehicle. We at Sigma, measure this gloss value by measuring the amount of light that is reflected back when directed towards a part of the vehicle in a particular angle.

Ball Drop Test
As a major part of vehicles are made up of glass, it is important to test their susceptibility to breaking and cracking due to environmental threats like rocks, pebbles and other heavy objects. Ball-drop test determines the penetration resistance and coating flexibilty of ceramic-printed toughened (or tempered) glass. Toughened glass is used in most window glasses including sun-roofs, except for windshield which is made of laminated safety glass. Toughened glass have four times stronger external impact resistance as compared to original glass.

Battery Testing
Battery of a vehicle should be tested for the abuse it can handle across a variety of conditions such as installation, transportation and aging over time. It should also be tested for maintenance of physical integrity in cases of earthquakes, adverse temperature conditions, flooding and fire. We provide all types of testing for a battery to maintain the quality of product.

Dust Settling Method
Contact with dust is inevitable for vehicles as they are constantly exposed to the external environment. We offer reliable testing of the parts of an automotive for resistance to settling of dust as they can cause problems with the moving parts and absorbs water vapours.

Noise Measurements
All vehicles such as cars, buses and trucks contribute to noise pollution therefore needs to be tested to meet the standard noise output levels. We test for the noise generated in a vehicle through its exhaust system, engines, horns, brakes and music system to ensure that they fulfill the safety standards.

UV Light Exposure
Vehicles are tested for their colour fastness as they are remain outside under the ultraviolet (UV) radiations coming from the sun. The major part affected by UV is the outer body of the vehicle. UV radiation damages the protective film coated over the metallic parts that leads to fading of the colour, exposing the metallic parts to harsh environmental conditions.

Warpage Test Plastics
Warping or distortion in the intended shape of moulded plastics during cooling is a major issue while assembling parts of the outer body of any vehicle. We ensure that product released by manufacturer is without any warps or other defects and follows the standards laid down by the regulation authorities.

Some other tests conducted on automotives as per the industrial standards:

Thermal Shock-
In Sigma we test vehicles to determine their resistance to thermal shock, whether the parts of the vehicle can withstand sudden drop in temperature from extreme high to extreme low temperature conditions. During extreme hot weather the vehicle may get overheated leaving a negative impact on the engine. Similarly in cool weather, the motor oil gets thick and reduces the efficiency of battery as well as engine.

Chemical Testing
Chemical testing of plastics, metals and non-metallic products of a vehicle is conducted to maintain quality.

Thermal Resistivity Testing
As a vehicle may need to resist to certain extreme environmental conditions it should be tested to determine its resistance to extreme temperatures. During the thermal conductivity test, temperature is set between 20 to 1200C to determine the effect of extremely temperatures on the automotive parts that are in vicinity of the engine.

Salt-Spray Tests
Around 80 percent of the vehicle body is made up of metal that remains exposed to corrosion on coming in contact with oceanic, salty and foggy environment. We have salt spray testing of automobiles to measure resistance of metallic components of a vehicle against corrosive salts.

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