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Automotive Part Testing

Sigma Test & Research Center is offering an automotive part testing to the customers. Owing to the rich expertise in industrial sectors, we make sure that the products are manufactured in compliance with the industries requirements and demands. Under this category, we are offering a wide spectrum of automotive headlamps and luminaire testing, vibration testing durability testing, dust-settling method and many more. The entire product line is rigorously quality tested at our unit before making delivery at your end. These are offered at budget friendly prices to the customers. It is mostly used in automobile industry.

Automotive Headlamps and Luminaire Testing
Automotive lighting of vehicles enable drivers to watch the road at night and give indications to pedestrians and fellow drivers in their vicinity about their speed, size and direction. For safety concerns it is quintessential to ensure that they operate properly. We offer comprehensive and reliable tests for head lamps, tail lamps, turn signals, reflectors, centre high mount stop lights, warning lights and interior lights in order to ensure their effective functioning and adherence to industry standards.

Vibration Testing
Vehicles require vibration testing for ensuring safety on roads and a longer, hassle free operational life. Our sophisticated and highly efficient vibration testing system is equipped to undertake vibration testing of new age electric and hybrid vehicles. In this test the vehicles are subjected to various low and high frequency vibrations, which ascertains the level to which it can endure extreme environmental conditions which any damage or component failure.

Durability Testing
Vehicles on roads are vulnerable to encounter numerous forces and motions which can potentially damage their functioning or reduce their lifespan. Irrespective of their size, vehicles must undergo durability tests to ensure that they are able to sustain themselves in such situations. We offer elaborative durability tests covering all aspects to determine their sturdiness and life expectancy. Our wide ranging mechanical and electrical tests plausibly ameliorates the quality of automotive components and finished products. We help build remarkably reliable, heavy duty and staunch vehicles with immense strength to withstand all real life on road hazards and mishaps.

Dust-Settling Method
The atmosphere contains fine solid particles commonly referred to as dust or sand which, when comes in contact with vehicles tend to cause problems with moving parts and absorbs water vapours. Contact with dust is inevitable for vehicles, hence it becomes immensely important to subject components of automotive to such particles and test their resistance power against such situations. We offer highly reliable ingress protection tests through dust settling method which ensures your vehicle is ready to bear dust filled environment.

Rain Simulation / submersion
Extreme weather conditions like extreme heat, cold or rains has adverse impacts on vehicles. Rains especially can damage vehicles in multiple ways. Season's first rains, commonly called acid rains, contain pollutants and metallic elements which has serious consequences on the vehicle paint coat. Rains have ways to vandalize thermal comfort within a vehicle, when it penetrates the heating, ventilation and air conditioning system. Driving experience can be further be perturbed in rainy season while driving through puddles. Vehicles having air inlets down below at the front of the vehicle run the risk of water suction through those inlets. Therefore it becomes important to get vehicles ready for rains. We offer testing of vehicles by subjecting them to rain simulations which help improve their resistance to hurdles created by rains.

Noise Measurements
Over years the number of vehicles on road have been increasing exponentially, so is the level of noise pollution. Vehicles cause noise pollution in numerous ways, through the exhaust systems, engines, horns, brakes and sound systems. Keeping a check on the volume of the noise produced becomes essential and ensuring that they conform to regulatory standards. We offer all the tests which are designed to measure your vehicle's noise emissions and ensure that it is in line with the required safety standards.

Thermal Shock
Extreme temperatures have adverse effects on vehicles and on their parts. In extremely hot weather the battery of the car gets over heated, the air conditioners get over worked which has considerable negative impact on its engine. In cold weather the motor oil thickens, which causes the engine to get all worked up, along with that battery efficiency also drops. We provide thermal shock testing services to test your vehicle for its capability to withstand sudden changes in temperatures. Vehicles are exposed to extreme temperatures in our thermal shock chambers to examine their power to endure thermal stress.

Chemical testing for automotive
Vehicles face latent threat each time they hit the road, although the inherent danger on roads cannot be eliminated completely, chemical testing of vehicles and its components can ascertain that they function to the best of their ability. We offer tests which provides highly accurate chemical analysis of metals, plastics and other non-metallic products to ensure that you vehicle adhere to stringent industrial standards and conform to the required safety rules and regulations.

Tensile Strength
Tensile strength of a product is the maximum stress or force it can endure before it reaches its breaking point. For vehicle manufacturers it is essential to know how sturdy their products actually are before they pass on the product to the consumers. The body of a car is mostly made up of metal, plastic and glass, which are subjected to all sorts of weights, forces and stresses to measure their endurance capacity. Vehicles require to have considerable tensile strengths so that they can sustain themselves in case of collisions and accidents. We have facilities to provide highly reliable tensile strength test for each and every component of vehicles and make sure they conform to safety and industry standards.

Salt Spray Test
When vehicles hit the road they encounter different weather conditions and air pollutants. Body of the vehicle is majorly made up of metals, which when comes in contact with oceanic environments, humid and foggy environments and road salts, faces corrosion and deterioration. We offer salt spray tests to measure the degree of perviousness and level of resistance a metallic body of a vehicle possess against corrosive salts. Salt spray tests help vehicle manufacturers evaluate the suitability of the protective layer on the metals.

Ingress Protection
Protection against external ingression like water, sand and dust is quintessential for vehicles on road for effective functioning. Vehicles are subjected to water spraying, jetting and pressure washing for cleaning purpose where firmly compressed gaskets gets displaced and water penetrates into the seam of an enclosure and its cover panel. Dust permeability into certain parts of an automotive which happens commonly due to environmental factors also has serious consequences in its operation. Therefore testing vehicles and its parts in a simulated environment can determine its resistance to foreign maters and its degree of ingress protection. We offer elaborative tests to ascertain the level of ingress protection of vehicles and provide accurate and reliable analysis of the same.

Battery Testing
Battery is as important in functioning of a vehicle, as heart is to any living creature. Battery provides power to all electrical components of a vehicle like heart pumps blood to the body. Ascertaining the life expectancy, condition and state of operation of the battery is essential to determine the well-being of the vehicle. We provide all types of battery testing facilities which will not only help determine the life span of the vehicle but also help in prolonging and improving its condition. Our tests also verify that the battery used by car manufacturers adhere to industrial norms and safety standards.

Salt Fog Testing
Salt fog is a type of spray test in which a vehicle is kept in a chamber where it is sprayed with salt fog incessantly at a particular temperature. This helps to evaluate its resistance power against corrosive salts and helps to determine durability of the protective film applied on the body of the vehicle and its counterparts. We offer highly reliable salt fog testing services to verify the suitability of the protective films on the vehicle in a particular simulated environment.

High Pressure Spray
A form of spray testing, high pressure spray, is a method of testing vehicles against forceful water spray. This method testing ensures that the vehicle and its components are sturdy enough to sustain this force and does not face any kind of breakdown or component failures in such situation. Vehicles in day to day basis are cleaned with water splash or spray which sometimes enter internal components which are required to be free from water permeability, this test ensures no such situation arises. We offer high pressure testing services with adjustable volume, speed, range and pressure as per the requirement and suitability of the vehicle.

Shock Pulses Test
Vehicles on road are prone to various shocks and collisions which can be fatal for the vehicle as well as the driver. We provide highly reliable tests in which we subject the vehicle to shock pulses and evaluate its degree of durability. Through this test we ensure that vehicles conform to industrial standards and adhere to safety regulations. A vehicle unprepared for shocks will encounter deformities, loosened bolts and displacements of adjacent circuits when subjected to pulses.

Humidity Resistance Test
Automobiles often have to encounter high temperature and humid weather conditions which has severe consequences on its body, components and protective layers. We offer testing facilities which provide simulated corrosive environment to measure the degree of resistance power a vehicle possess. For humidity resistance test vehicles and their components are exposed to heat and humidity in our testing chambers for specific period of time. Then they are evaluated on the basis of the time they sustain themselves without any corrosion or damage and if corroded, then the degree to which the damage has been caused in this activity.

Heat/ Thermal resistance test
Environmental conditions are evolving globally and the temperatures are consequently rising. The sky high temperatures are causing major problems in automobiles. Over-heating reduces the battery's life span, the air conditioning system gets overworked and causes excess stress to its engine, along with that the paint and protective film on the outer body of the vehicle fades and corrodes. It is essential for vehicle owners to evaluate the maximum thermal resistance a vehicle has and for that purpose we provide highly sophisticated thermal resistance testing facility which can subject vehicle to temperature range from 20°C to 1200°C as per requirement. We help ascertain the maximum resistance a vehicle has to environmental heating.

Thermal Cycle Test
Thermal Cycle Test involves cycling of automotive parts from high temperature to low temperatures to test their durability. Vehicles in real life, may have to encounter varied temperatures and they are required to function to the best of their abilities in each temperature. To test vehicles for endurance against varied temperatures we offer thermal cycle test facilities where we provide accurate tests and analysis for the same. Our thermal cycle testers are equipped to simulate a wide range of temperatures between -30°C to 80°C, sufficient to test all sorts of vehicles.

UV light Exposure
An automobile's body is made up of metals, plastics, glass and rubber materials which have to bear the sunlight and along with that they have to endure harsh ultraviolet rays. UV rays have harmful impacts not only on the paint and coatings of the vehicle but also the interiors components. We offer a testing service in which we simulate an environment in which we subject vehicles and their components to the heat and harmful rays that they might have to encounter. Environmental concerns like UV rays are inevitable in today's date and it is essential for vehicle manufactures to ensure that their products are durable enough to operate in these conditions.

Dew Formation Test
Omnipresent moisture turns into liquid water or dew when the temperature of the water vapour falls past a saturation point, this is called the dew point. This is a cause of concern for automobile producers as dew or the water vapours have damaging impact on certain parts of the vehicle which require to be water-tight. We offer test in which create a simulated environment where high level of humidity and temperatures are maintained either at dew point or below, here vehicles and its components are placed for a particular period of time. This activity or test can help ensure that the vehicles would function optimally in a similar environment.

Corrosion Testing
Salt spray testing is the most widely practiced testing method for testing of automotive against normal environmental conditions, but the correlation between the test results of the salt spray test and real life corrosion of vehicle was not evident. Hence there was a need for a test in which vehicles could encounter simulated environments more close to real life conditions. This gave rise the cyclic corrosion testing, which could actually help identifying the life expectancy of an automobile under normal environmental conditions. Salt spray test continues to serve as a parameter which indicates the durability and quality of a vehicle and corrosion testing identifies the normal corrosion, a vehicle is likely to undergo in its operational life. We provide extremely accurate and reliable corrosion testing facilities where vehicle manufacturers test their produce against real-world corrosive environments.

Ball Drop Test
A considerably large part of a vehicle is made up of glass, which intrinsically is vulnerable to environmental threats like rocks, pebbles and other heavy objects. For accident prone vehicles it is essential to ensure that the glass being used in the windshields and windows are sturdy and durable, therefore laminated safety glasses are used. Further to verify if the safety glass are fit for the purpose they are being used, a ball drop test are done on them. We prove sophisticated facility for ball dropping tests on glasses for vehicle manufacturers. The impact on the laminated glass from ball drop test determines if the glass is of appropriate thickness, if the interlayer used is useful and what all weight and sized of foreign objects applied at what force it can sustain without damage.

Flammability Tests
Automobiles face inherent risk of catching fire at all times as they work very closely with fuels. It is essential for vehicle manufacturers to ensure that their products have high resistance to ignition and are relatively less flammable. We provide testing facility to test the flammability of the components of the vehicle and help manufacturers ensure required safety standards. We simulate an environment in which vehicle components are subjected to ignition in combustion chambers in order to identify, how soon they catch fire and what is their rate of burning. This helps manufacturer identify how safe their products are and are their safety measures optimal in case of fire hazards.

Endurance Test
For vehicle manufacturers it is important to have knowledge regarding the life span of the product they are manufacturing. A product in its operational life undergoes regular wear and tear and gradually enters its stage of its product life cycle. Endurance test determines the normal length of vehicle parts under normal environmental conditions. We offer these tests in our sophisticated facility in which we simulate normal environmental conditions and test vehicles to estimate their normal life expectancy. Endurance test, as the name suggests measures what vehicle components can endure in its lifetime under normal environmental conditions.

Impact Test
Automobiles face latent dangers of collisions, crashes and accidents at all times, therefore, need to be prepared for all such circumstances. In our testing laboratory we subject vehicles to forces which they may endure in case of an accident and measure the intensity of the impact they have to bear. These tests are commonly referred to as impact tests. Impact tests can help vehicle manufacturers assess the degree to which an automobile's parts can sustain such forces and help them ensure that their products meet the safety and regulatory standards.

Colour Fastness Test
Automobiles have leathers and fabrics over the seat, head rests, back seat hand rests, steering wheel and gear parts which undergo external influences like washing, rubbing, perspiration and light exposure and therefore fades and gets discoloured. For that we offer colour fastness tests in our testing laboratories where the textiles, fabrics and leathers being used in vehicles are tested for fastness properties, depth of colour shade and compatibility of fibres and dyes. Colour fastness tests determine the extent to which textiles can endure regular wear and tear without losing its colour quality.

Gloss Value test
Automobile's metallic body is coated with illuminating paints which acts as a leveller, protective film and enhances its looks. This paint emits some shine and gloss which loses its properties over time due to sunlight exposure. To test the longevity of the gloss properties and the measure the reflectance of the paint applied on to the vehicles surface, light is directed at the metallic body at a particular angle. The greater light is reflected back the more gloss value the metal has. We offer gloss value testing facilities which help vehicle manufacturers to estimate and compare the shine the paint of the vehicle's body emits.

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