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Chemical Testing

Sigma is an advanced NABL accredited chemical testing laboratory with capabilities including advanced trace chemical analysis, diverse analytical capabilities and identification of chemicals composition, MSDS, unknown materials and chemical contamination, in accordance with IS, ASTM, DIN, EN and other recognized industry standards.

With our chemical testing and analysis services, we help in meeting the relevant product regulations and ensure protection from probable harm.

Consumer goods are meant to be tested for perfection on various standards, regulations and certifications. These goods can also be tested on various parameters devised by NGO (Non-Governmental Organisation). We have the full technical resources, with the help of which, we are able to fulfill the requirements in compliance with international regulations, technical specifications and NGO's.

Our testing lab is well equipped with all the facilities that detects and identifies the unknown chemical traces and contamination. This helps in ensuring materials and product quality control and supports in formulation and de-formulation of projects.

Ferrous And Non-Ferrous Metals
Sigma delivers a variety of quantitative and qualitative services for verification, identification and component analysis of ferrous and non-ferrous metals through Tensile test (IS:1608-2005),yield strength, elongation, IS:1500-2005,ASTM E384 – 09 and more.

Minerals and Ore Testing
Sigma is a ISO 17025:2005 accredited testing laboratory delivering advanced solutions for metallurgical and mineralogical testing services like composition of minerals, Standard Mineral Sample Preparation, Core Cutting ,Ores and High Grade Materials, Base Metals,Rare Earth Elements, Industrial Minerals, Refractory Minerals and more.

Corrosion Testing
Sigma is a ISO 9001:2008  accredited laboratory providing cost-effective solutions for corrosion testing and consultancy for automobile parts, paints and coatings , aircraft , structural steel beams, pipes, tanks, tubes and more, using Salt spray method- ASTM B117.

Metal Testing
Sigma is NABL accredited metal testing laboratory ascertaining the safety and reliability of metals by Chemical composition analysis, Corrosion resistance analysis, Dimension measurements, Mechanical properties testing, Metallurgic examination and more.

The testing facilities available with us includes:
Our highly experienced team is equipped with advanced equipment and work with clients on various projects, and support them in their work by testing an assortment of materials and chemicals.

The Chemical Testing and Analysis facilities available with us includes the identification of unknown materials, chemicals composition, various analytical capabilities and chemical contamination and advanced tracing of chemical analysis.

The advanced testing and research facilities provided by chemical analysis lab are in accordance with various recognized industrial standards, which also includes IS, ASTM, DIN, EN.

Chemical testing and analysis:

Trace chemical analysis testing, expertise and capabilities The Chemical Trace Analysis measures the amount of chemical presents in various materials and products to the low as well as ultra-trace levels. Our laboratory is capable of detecting the chemicals to minimum detection parts in different level ranges such as parts per billion (ppb), parts per million (ppm) and parts per trillion (ppt). These depend upon sample matrices and analytical techniques.

Chemical trace analysis:

Petro-Chemical and Basic Chemical Testing

The Petro-Chemical and Basic Chemical Testing is conducted by us in compliance with various industry accepted protocols and standards, included ASTM and IP.

Chemicals tested:

Chemical testing:

REACH Testing Services

We are involved in offering various analytical services that includes eco-toxicological and residue analysis, physico-chemical analysis, toxicological analysis and environmental fate testing and analysis. These services helps in different businesses to successfully navigate between the complex REACH testing requirements.

The manufacturers and importers gathers information from REACH on the properties of the chemical substances they are dealing. This in turn helps in safe handling of chemicals and also maintaining the database by the European Chemicals Agency (ECHA). The data is submitted in the form of technical dossier and contains chemical properties. This data forms the important part of the REACH Registration process. The complete information that is required to complete the dossier also includes REACH laboratory testing.

REACH Certificate Services
We are one of the leading providers of internationally acclaimed REACH Certificate Services, that is required for testing the data for chemical registration and regulatory submissions for different industries. We offer REACH compliance to manufacturers, users and importers.

REACH Testing Services
Related Services

MSDS Testing Services

We are involved in offering end-to-end solutions that are meant for the creation and up-dation of safety data sheets in compliance with global regulations.

Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) Services
We are the global leaders in offering the regulatory support, product assessment, testing & conversion, in the preparation of new data sheets and the updation of existing Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS also known as SDS) to REACH (Regulation 2006/1907/EC), CLP (Regulation 2008/1272/EC) and Globally Harmonized System (GHS) standards.

Classification of substances and/or products to determine the need for labelling and documentation required

RoHS Testing Services

We have fully facilitated laboratory for the execution of an assortment of works related to RoHS. We also provide RoHS testing services for restricted substances in various electrical and electronic equipment.

RoHS is referred to as the lead-free directive, but it restricts the use of the following six substances:
The maximum concentrations are 0.1% or 1000 ppm (except for cadmium, which is limited to 0.01% or 100 ppm) by weight of homogeneous material. This means that the limits do not apply to the weight of the finished product, or even to a component, but to any single substance that component (theoretically) be separated mechanically - for example, the sheath on a cable or the tinning on a component lead.
RoHS Testing Services
We provide product and material testing services in compliance with RoHS standards, which includes standard testing for the EU RoHS Directive requirements.

Various RoHS testing methods include

Oils Testing and Analysis Services (Essential Oils)

We have an advanced facility that helps us in the execution of different tests related to a range of essential oils. The oils that are tested and analyzed includes synthetic oils, crude oils, essential oils, vegetable oils and animal oils. The testing and analysis is carried out in compliance with standards like AOAC, IP and ASTM.

Why is Essential Oil Testing Important and what are the Standards? There is no labelling standards nads regulations for Essential oils in India. If the label says that it is 100% pure and therapeutic, you have to trust. Its good to purchase ISO certified products and its the only way to be certain that you are buying a genuine product.

Oil products tested include :
We offer the following physical and chemical tests:

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